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{February 12, 2011}   Left For Dead

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Exhausted from a long day at work, out on the corner waiting for her cab. grumbling to herself about her recent transfer to the new branch…
” I fucking hate this area…. I need to get myself a car.. But it will probably get stolen or I will get car jacked..” She mutters under her breath as she checks her phone for the umpteenth time.
When out of nowhere a van squeals down the street, stopping abruptly in front of her  “What a fucking dick!” She thinks to herself as she ignores the strange man in dirty coveralls rolling down the passenger window..
“Hey there darling.. this is  a bad area to be out by yourself in.. you need a  ride” He yells over the loud puttering engine as he leans towards the passenger seat opening the creaky door.
“Ummm no thanks, by the sounds of your engine, you sound like you may need a ride too cause that van don’t sound like it will make it another hour. Do you want the number for Checker Cab? ” She replies crudely as she continues to look at her phone and bend over and give her stockings a firm tug; not even noticing that he had gotten out of the van and come up behind her.
The smell of car oil overwhelming her as his strong hands grip on her little frame, swiftly flipping her over his shoulder and shoving her in the van, handcuffing her to the passenger door; securing her before hopping behind the wheel and driving to his favorite place.
She kicks and screams violently as she fights against her restraints.. He looks over at her briefly, as he lets out an evil laugh. “Scream all you want it only turns me on. You may want to save your energy for when Im fucking those tight little holes of yours you fucking CUNT!!” He hisses as he slides one hand up my skirt while he continues to speed down the dark road.
She cringes and squirms against his fingers press up on her cunt lips, rubbing the silky fabric against her flesh as he watches the road. “Let me go!! Someone is expecting me at home.. the police will be looking for me!” She tells him timidly as she looks at the side of his facial expression change, as he moves his hand from between her smooth caramel thighs.
” I have been watching you for a long time, I know you don’t have any family and you live alone. No one will notice you for a long time.. Your boss will just think you flaked out on the job so they wont know you are missing until your naked dead body turns up in a random dumpster somewhere.” He replies calmly as he pulls the van over in front of an abandoned shack. “Here we are!” He says softly with a creepy smile; his hot breath on her cheek; his body pressed up against hers as he unlocks the cuff attached to the van door; before sliding his tongue along her soft freckled cheek. Letting out a deep moan while his hand wanders up her stomach to her voluptuous breasts… Squeezing them briefly before slapping her across the face so hard it makes her nose bleed. “Okay bitch, Im gonna make you my little slut tonight.”
He grips the cuff tightly in his hand and yanks her out of the van, dragging her into the shack, forcing her into an old wooden chair; replacing the cuff around her wrists with rope before taking a butterfly knife from his back pocket, skilfully slicing her blouse off. Exposing her sweet supple breasts; pinching and pulling on the piercings in her nipples, making her squirm and whimper.. The splinters from the old rickety chair, digging into her skin as she dug her nails into her palms, and biting down on her bottom lip so hard it begins to bleed; trying desperately not to scream as the used the knife to carve her skin.  “Such a pretty girl, I am going to have a lot of fun with you” He whispers in her ear softly, while he unbuckles his belt, releases his thick semi hard-on from its fabric prison and rubs the thick mushroom head along her plump glossy lips. “Open that pretty mouth bitch!” He orders; not waiting for her to do as she was told, he grips her pierced nipple between his fingers and yanks hard on it, making her mouth open wide as she cries out in pain and then shoving his fat cock in her open mouth. “Suck it slut!!” He orders her while he looks down at her with a dark gaze.
She sucks and swirls her tongue around his hardening shaft, as she sucks and swallows hard, feeling it grow in her warm velvety mouth.  His thrust becoming more and more violent as he grows harder and harder.. Enjoying how she gags and drools over his pulsating meat deep in her slut mouth. Holding her nipples and yanking them, forcing her to suck the way he wants her to.  “That a girl, show Daddy how much you love his fucking cock in that little slut mouth.” He groans as he thrusts violently in her mouth; watching the drool run down her chin onto her fleshy mounds. Letting out deep groans as he bottoms out in her throat, making her gag and choke, until he has has his fill of her mouth.
“Lets check that little cunt of yours, see how wet Daddy has made you.” He says calmly as he slices her skirt off and spreads her legs… Letting out a deep sigh as she sees the wet spot on her pretty little white lace panties; before pulling them to the side and running his fingers along her moist folds, pushing his fingers deep in her little fuckhole, while he sucks on her throbbing nipples alternatively,while  jerking his throbbing hard-on with his free hand. Frail moans escaping her lips as she feels his tender touch over her exposed flesh. Her eyes closed, her head tilted back. ” Yes Daddy” She whispers softly; spreading her legs wider, pushing her pelvis up against his fingers moving in and out of her dripping hole vigorously.
All of a sudden she feels a hash sting across her breasts, making her hips buck up and his hand around her throat, squeezing tightly; stealing her breath as he spits in her face, slapping her tits over and over and over again, enjoying the way they jiggle and bounce with every slap, the way they become red, and hot. Making her squirm and gasp, desperately fighting for air, until she begins to pass out. He viciously slaps her across the face to wake her; before untying her wrists and dragging her by her hair onto a filthy mattress, ripping her panties off and lifting her legs, to access her slippery fuckhole, slamming his pulsating member in and out of her cunt and asshole alternatively, while he strangles her again; enjoying how she grips his cock and squirms and struggles desperately, enhancing his pleasure; releasing her throat just long enough for her to gulp in a lung full of air; before flipping her over and tugging on the tie around her neck and strangling her while he fucks her in the ass and whips her across her back violently, until he fills both her holes with his hot load.
He cuts the tie off her before grabbing a handful of her hair and yanking her body up against his, while he uses his free hand to reach over for the butterfly knife and holds it up against her throat as he releases her hair and slides his hand up against her naked body, groping and squeezing her abused flesh; his lips pressed up against her ear lobe as she presses the sharp blade along her throat and whispers sweetly in her ear. “Such a good fuck… a shame you are such a fucking cunt.” Pushing her face down on the bed, leaving her for dead with his cum dripping from her holes on the filthy mattress in the old shack. Giving her one last look before getting dressed and driving away in his van.


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