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{January 17, 2011}   Intruder

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Fast asleep in my warm bed, in a deep sleep; rudely awakened by a gag in my mouth; my eyes dart around the dark room, my naked body, tied securely to the bed posts, left vulnerable to any filthy desire that may run through your head.
Knowing full well that resistance is futile, I can help the urge to attempt to escape. Squirming, and attempting to flail my limbs about, only causing my breast to bounce around wildly, pleasing you even more. My screams muffled by the gag stuffed in my mouth, and tied into position.
My eyes widen as I watch you search through your backpack, my eyes filled with confusion and fear, my heart racing, my imagination betraying me, all my inner most fears flashing through my mind. You stand up holding a vibrator in both hands, placing one the night table, while your evil glare is fixed upon me. You turn one on and trace it along my soft smooth naked flesh, pressing it on my nipples briefly, before letting it run down my body, before shoving it violently in my tight pink puckered hole.
You laugh as you watch my eyes widen and my hips buck up from the shock and pain of the forceful penetration of my tender tight ass. Struggling even more as you work the dildo in my ass roughly; reaching for the dildo on the nightstand, slapping me in my face playfully, giving me an evil grin as you slide it down to my ample bosom, slapping it across my tits, watching them jiggle before massaging my clit briefly with it, then without warning…. you violently shove it deep in my tight fuckhole, ramming it repeatedly in and out, in and out, of my slut cunt.
My screams muffled, clenching my ass cheeks, trying to close my legs, struggling to avoid the brutal thrusts into her cunt, and asshole. All the while smiling at me cheerfully, finding joy in my horror and pain


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