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{November 4, 2010}   Hallows Eve Murder

JudeHarrison Winslet & SuicideGirl Evermore

An unidentified masked  man was caught by a surveillance camera, terrorizing and brutally murdering a woman under investigation for multiple murders in Little Heaven.Her body was found by a man walking his dog at approximately 6:00 AM October 31st. 2010. As you can see in the photos provided she was backed in to a corner by her attached with a machete, before being grabbed by her hair; her throat was cut before being tossed to the ground and stabbed repeatedly. The unidentified man appears to be a Caucasian; about six feet and three inches,muscular build, with a buzz cut. People are advised to be very careful and not approach this man if he is spotted. Contact the authorities immediately. He is considered armed and dangerous.If you have any information pertaining to this heinous crime, contact Crime Watch at 1-800-RUN-TELL.(1-800-786-8355)

The man who found the body is a Turbo resident by the name of Nagger Swizzle, had this to say.“I was taking my dog for a walk early this mornin,when I stopped to smoke a fatty, when I noticed a purse on the ground. When I was lookin for some money I dropped some of the contents on the ground and discovered some blood. While I poceeded to help myself to the 20L in the purse I noticed that dead chick and thought to myself. “Damn shame she dead, I woulda hit that!”


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