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{August 22, 2010}   Depraved Lust

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What happen’s to naughty girls who are supposed to be studying  and instead choose to go to the bar and flirt with strangers; how foolish of her to  think you can trust a handsome face.. Sure he doesn’t look crazy, but how can you be sure?

Well I’m sure she has learned her lesson.  After having her clothes torn off, defiled and humiliated, she will never forget her hard, brutal lesson.

She will never forget how he tore her clothes off, tossed her on the ground, and plunged his thick pulsating meat into her tender, pink puckered hole.  His hot breath on the nape of her neck, his hands grabbing and scratching her flesh; enjoying her shrill screams and frantic struggling.  How he choked her, causing all of her muscles to tighten, her body squirming and wiggling under his powerful grip. 

 His teeth sinking into her soft smooth flesh. Leaving her skin bruised and bloody.  Making her feel like a worthless fuck toy, an object for his pleasure. Stretching her little fuckholes, filling her with his hot sticky load, before leaving her to lay naked and battered on the filthy floor.

  If she should forget ever forget any of this at any point in her life.. there is one thing she will never ever forget as long as she lives…  She will never forget how it made her pussy tingle when he called her a filthy cum slut, or how hard she came when she felt his cum flooding her pussy. How she loved being his filthy little cum dump.  How to this day, she still thinks about him and hopes he comes back for more.. She will always be watching.. waiting… craving his depraved lust.


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