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{August 11, 2010}   Suicide Girl

My lips are sweet, but they are poisonous;
My love is heavenly, but it will send you to hell;
My touch is euphoric, but it will tun you to ash;
You can give me your heart, but I will break it;
I am a walking disaster on the path of destruction
run and don’t look back, keep yourself safe from me I will destroy you.
But That’s just me ♥

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Standing in the entrance to the dirty old bathroom, the smell of stale urine and vomit stinging her nostrils.  The harsh words filtering to her brain, causing her to reflect on her life, look deep within herself.  Wanting to kill him for making her look at herself. She pulls her gun out of her gun out of purse before tossing it carelessly in a dark corner; the cool steel of the gun feeling so right in her delicate hand. She paces back and forth,sobbing uncontrollably, her head spinning, forced to face the painful truth, everything he said was true. How can she expect someone as good and loving to put up with her cold unfeeling nature. She was a loner, she was a destructive force.
She was not ment for love, she was destined for pain and anguish. It was her curse, her only means of survival. Although she was truly ready to embrace a different way of life, Moving towards love and commit herself to him the way he deserved, he had already had enough of her madness. She needed a way to make things right, when it hit her, she would end her life to save others from her, To save her from living a life without him, in constant pain, always wondering who he is with, what he is doing, how he is with another, telling her how undeserving she was, how she broke him, how he thought he could never love again untill the new one came along. Him being truly happy because she was gone. Picturing how she would look, with blood running from her head, pooling on the grimy bathroom floor. But before she went, she wanted to have one last moment of pleasure, with the one thing that will end her miserable life for good. End the pain,the worry, the empty feeling she would forever feel without her one true love,leave a world where she is now unloved, despised and not worthy of living in, and more importantly take the darkness out of his life, give him back his  light. Erase her wicked deeds with her last act.
Her nipples hardening through her lace dress as she feels the cold hard steel rubbing up against them,causing her clit to throb. while thinking about how her last lover was going to be the one to take her where she belongs. Her hands taking on a life of their own; she lowers down to her knees, licking the gun lustfuly, letting out
frail sounds of pleasure, before laying on her back, spreading her legs and using the gun to rub her throbbing clit, while she closed her eyes, letting her mind wander.
Remembering the hot steamy lustful nights she once had with him, how she used to love how he would grab her from behind, tare at her clothes, and fuck her the way she loves so much.
How she would feel when he would abuse her tits and cunt, rape her ass and pound his cock deep dow her throat as if it were her pussy. Making her feel like such a whore… His personal filthy slut. Never again would he fill her with his hot sticky load, spank her ass till it was bright red. Tell her he loved his Babygirl. She was nothing to
him now. The tears begin to flood from her eyes like a broken pipe, not being able to bare the feelings and thoughts anymore, she gets up on one knee, tapping the gun on her leg, Contemplating on how she would end her pathetic life. “You’re welcome world!” She whispers tearfully before holding the gun to her temple and pulling the trigger. The echoing throughout the bathroom.. taking her last breath as her brains splatter over the walls and her body makes a loud thud on the ground… then silence….

 Lollie Whitfield


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