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{August 11, 2010}   Cellar Cum Dump

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Naked and groggy I wake up on a cold hard floor. My blurry vision making it hard for me to figure out where I am. The dripping pipe echoing in a far distance, driving me mad as I crawl around on my bruised knees, desperate to find a way out.  I hear footsteps getting closer and closer to me, I call out for help as I hold myself, shivering, my body curled up in the fetal position. My lungs burning for my shrill screams, begging for mercy.
The door creeks open slowly, the strange man touches my face, before grabbing my arm away from my naked body. Exposing my hard nipples. Without a single word he grips my nipple between his fingers, forcing me up to my feet, before slapping my cold tender bare ass harshly. Making me whimper and squirm. “Please Sir help me, I’ll do anything you say if you just give me my clothes and let me go.” I plead timidly as I gaze up at this blurry figure.
“You do have one thing right.. you will do anything I say” He replies calmly as he yanks my nipples hard, forcing me to follow him. Losing all hope I follow behind him crying softly, not saying another word as I look around, the dim cold room; the dripping water becoming louder and louder, getting inside my head. The throbbing pain on my red ass cheeks and nipples makes my little slut gash moisten. I walk with my legs together tightly, trying desperately to hide my surprising excitement.
Without warning I am pushed onto some sort of apparatus, my legs forced apart; I feel my ass cheeks pulled apart roughly, I feel his fingers slide from my slippery clit back up to my asshole, before the cool steel locks around my ankles and wrists. My breathing becomes heavy, my body trembles with fear and excitement,

“You filthy little whore, you are wet already.” You whisper as you shove your fingers into my tender asshole viciously finger fucking me as I whimper and squirm on the block; pulling them out of my ass and into my mouth, forcing me to taste my filthy hole, before being  shoved back in my ass.

My whore cunt juices pooling on the ground as you abuse my filthy hole, slapping my ass now and then, making me jump and push back on your fingers before you shove your fingers into my mouth again,enjoying the way I suck ad slobber greedily on yoru fingers. I desperately try to pretend I don’t like it but I cant help but pant and moan like a wild bitch in heat.

I hear your belt buckle coming undone before I feel the smooth leather across my back, my skin feeling as if it is on fire. My body bucks with every merciless slash on my skin, leaving huge welts over my back, across my ass cheeks and behind my knees and soles of my feet. I cry and beg for you to stop, making you whip me more and more. Then all of a sudden, you stop, I feel your thick mushroomed head pressed up against my plump cock worshiping lips, your hand gripping a handful of my hair, yanking my head back ordering me to open my whore mouth before you shove your cock down my throat, raping my face cunt violently, as you reach down and grab my nipples, digging your finger nails into them, yanking them until I suck your fat dick hard. My tongue swirling around frantically on the underside of your throbbing meat while you continue to rape my throat as if it were my cunt. While you tell me that I don’t deserve to have your cock in my whore cunt. telling me what a stupid cunt I am. How much you hate me and how I am nothing but a walking breathing fuckhole to you. Your thrusts become more violent and relentless as my lips tighten more and more, my drool running down my chin onto the floor as I look up at you fearfully; desperately fighting to breath.

Your cock head pressing up against my esophagus forcing me togag and choke before you shoot your hot load down my throat.

“Swallow that you worthless slut!!, if you spill a drop I will whip your whore cunt and tits next!!” You growl as you pump harder and faster in my throat until every drop is sucked out of your pulsating meat before you slap me across the face, unlock me and push me back into  a corner and lock the door behind me without another word.

 Lollie Whitfield


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